Personalised financial planning that secures a positive, financially independent future for you and your family…

Our highly-skilled, well qualified and experienced team has been providing professional, yet personalised financial planning and advice to a wide range of clients, for over 15 years.

Good old personalised service

We respect each of our clients as individuals and value a personal relationship and an open-door approach, in which each of our clients feels entirely secure.

High-level industry compliance and insight

We are proud to be one of the limited Fundhouse selected financial planning practices in South Africa. Our affiliation with this highly principled, independent global fund and investment advisor, translates to peace-of-mind for our clients, thanks to the specialised insight, high-level governance and stringent compliance in the financial services field that this affiliation ensures.

Modern operations

Using modern technology to streamline our services, we are able to not only offer a more efficient financial planning experience, but are able to use the time that would otherwise be wasted on outdated processes, to focus on more customer-centric and beneficial financial planning functions.