Goal oriented Financial Planning from a highly skilled and experienced team…

Based in Paarl, but active throughout South Africa and abroad, each of our key financial planners supports a diverse portfolio of long-term clients. Our financial planning team is successful because despite our diversity as individuals, we each care deeply about our key business motivation which is simply, to assist clients in every way possible, to achieve sustainable financial independence.

Jaco Gous - Executive Director

MBA, University of Stellenbosch | B Econ HONS (Business & Administration), University of Stellenbosch
Having worked in the Financial Services Industry since 2001, both in a high-level corporate capacity and as a financial advisor, Jaco brings immense experience and insight to the team. His overriding passion lies in assisting individuals to create a financially independent future. In order to achieve financial stability and independence, we need to be constantly encouraged and this is where Jaco excels. He understands that the financial journey is a volatile, often emotional one, and it is because of the strong relationships that he builds with his clients, that he continues to help many navigate this journey to a successful outcome.
m: 071 680 3190 | e: jaco@alantra.co.za

Beata Carstens, CFP ® - Key Individual

MBA, University of Stellenbosch | HonsB(B and A), University of Stellenbosch | BSc, University of Stellenbosch | CFP: Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, University of the Free State
Beata’s solid career, which spans Marketing and Sales as well as Financial Services, has provided her with a wealth of experience and in-depth insight into both business and finance. She applies tremendous consideration, energy and passion to helping her clients achieve their financial best, attuning them to their financial habits and guiding them to make prudent financial decisions. With the ability to translate numbers and concepts into tangible, relatable information, Beata has a unique ability to make the personal financial journey of a client, relevant, clear and entirely achievable.
m: 082 898 5807 | e: beata@alantra.co.za

Johann Grandia, CFP ® - Certified Financial Planner

MCom: Financial Management, University of Pretoria | BCom (Hons): Financial Analysis, University of Stellenbosch | BCom: Financial Analysis, University of Stellenbosch | CFP: Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, University of the Free State
With over ten years’ experience in the corporate financial services industry, Johann not only has solid insight into the processes within South Africa’s most prominent institutions, but also has a deep appreciation for the difference that personalised financial planning can make to an individual. Focused on delivering outstanding service and building lifelong alliances with clients, Johann is committed to assisting clients to achieve the financial position that supports their life goals.
m: 083 379 2082 | e: johann@alantra.co.za

Hannah Gous - Financial Planner

B Diac. Social Work (Cum Laude), Unisa
With over 35 years of experience as a highly accomplished financial advisor, Hannah has worked for some of South Africa’s most prominent brokerages and has earned a multitude of prestigious awards. She brings immense value through her experience, to our team. Her conservative investment style, along with her solid values which include respect, a sincere interest in her clients and empathy toward them and their needs, is what has helped Hannah build and maintain a solid client base. She works to help encourage the next generation to make sound financial decisions that will help them to accomplish their goals and support their aspirations. She takes her personal statement from Shakespeare which reads ‘No legacy is as rich as honesty’.
m: 083 564 9668 | e: hannah@alantra.co.za

Brett de Kock - Certified Financial Planner

MBA, University of Stellenbosch / B.Sc [ Hons ], University of Stellenbosch
Brett is a Certified Financial Planner with more than fifteen years of extensive demonstrated experience in the Financial Services Industry. He has the capacity to generate increased financial wealth and reduced risk for his clients through effective portfolio strategies resulting in long-term sustainable growth. He has a proven track record of developing tailor-made solutions for clients that address their specific financial needs. Brett’s motto is that relationships will be the new currency of the future. He is therefore energised about supporting clients during this journey to achieve their financial dreams via a process where he guides them to make the most informed decisions through his knowledge, passion and empathy.
m: 082 554 3905 | e: brett@alantra.co.za

Stefan Viljoen - Paraplanner

BCom: Investment Management (2016)
With a passion for people and being a team-player, Stefan’s mission is to build long-lasting relationships with clients on their path to financial freedom. Stefan is currently studying towards a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, where after he will pursue his CFP® professional competency designation.
m: 076 773 2575 | e: stefan@alantra.co.za

Shantelle van Schalkwyk

Short-Term Insurance Advisor

m: 083 653 3202 | e: svs@alantra.co.za

Bianca Cleghorn

Short-Term Insurance Administrator

m: 071 689 2495 | e: bianca@alantra.co.za

Celeste Rautenbach

Office Manager

m: 082 579 3202 | e: assistant1@alantra.co.za

Almarie Barnard

Implementation Manager

m: 064 651 7507 | e: paarl@alantra.co.za

Petro Gous

Administrative Assistant

m: 084 607 5331 | e: petro@alantra.co.za

Yolanda Huijsamer

Administrative Assistant

m: 084 302 1608 | e: yolanda@alantra.co.za

Bea Alderson

Administrative Assistant

m: 064 112 9285 | e: bea@bdkonsult.co.za

Annie de Beer

Administrative Assistant

m: 072 605 0006 | e: annie@alantra.co.za