Empowering you with the private wealth management guidance you need to become financially secure...

Life is about more than money. In fact, financial success is about making the right lifestyle choices, supported by flexible, goal-oriented private wealth management.
Often the impetus of attaining your financial goals is lost along the passage of time, however it is when you have a personal financial planner at your side, who genuinely cares about your well-being, that you are able to stay focused and motivated, while making the best financial decisions.

Investment Planning

No matter your reasons for wanting to save for your future, we will assist you with the implementation of a fully customized, achievable investment plan to help you make your goals happen.
We offer a comprehensive range of unit trusts for most of your financial goals, from saving for longer-term needs, to meeting your shorter-term objectives. You will at all times, enjoy full discretion to access your money and make changes to the investment whenever required.
Our investment offering covers both local and direct offshore discretionary investment products.

Retirement Planning

We all want a comfortable retirement, but how many individuals truly achieve that goal? Our objective is to help you with an accurate view of your personal financial status now, and an achievable retirement plan that will help you ensure that you have the funds you need through retirement.
Your retirement plan will assist you to take action while you are working, when you are easing into your retirement and will extend throughout your retirement years.

Risk Benefits

Part of our role as financial planners is to consider and provide recommendations that not only pertain to investments, but also address the risks our clients face.
Life is full of uncertainty and unexpected major life events, such as death, injury or the illness of a loved one, can place an enormous strain on a family both emotionally and financially.
Risk assessments and cover, are therefore essential when you want to reduce the impact that unforeseen events will have on your wealth accumulation, and the assets you already have in place.
We assist you to define a financial safety net that in the event of sickness, disability or death, will help ensure that you and your family are protected.

Short-term Insurance Solutions

Taking care of the more short-term risks in life is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting your financial well-being. From vehicle and home insurance, to travel insurance and medical aid, we offer a wide range of options that will suit your financial needs and risk profile.